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Apenet 2011, summary of results

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March 29, 2012 spagnola_18x12 italiana_18x12

apenetThe long-term public and multidisciplinary research Apenet, funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, about the bees crisis, systemic effects of chemical seed treatment and corn rootworm, has produced many important scientific findings, including:



- Unacceptable acute and chronic effects of seed treatment on bees and on non-targets insects;
- Detection of various, deadly and unexpected routes of exposure of bees;
- Inadmissible effects of treatment even with significant reduction of pollutant emission;
- Limitations and serious consequences of the chemical approach to the corn defense.


In view of this copious scientific material, and of the serious questions about the shortcomings of the procedures for authorization of use of pesticides abundantly applied in the environment, it's unfortunate that funding was cut for this important scientific research.

It 's also undeniable that there are enormous obstacles to publicizing and sharing these detailed and convergent scientific findings, as well as the many questions that they bring up.

Therefore Unaapi found it useful to produce a summary including the most significant passages of the latest report edited by the research group Apenet 2011.

Nothing of the full Apenet 2011 report has been added or modified.

The summary of the report Apenet 2011 is therefore now available in Italian (pdf) and in English (pdf).

We hope that this work can better contribute to circulation and sharing of important knowledge among researchers, policy makers and citizens.

This sharing of knowledge can’t be only left to the most powerful, influential stakeholders.

After reading the Apenet report, one can observe how this information has been communicated by “L'informatore Agrario” 10/2012, pag. 19 (Ita) a dominant voice in chemical agriculture.

Francesco Panella

Novi Ligure March 29, 2012

In "rete rurale" internet site is now avaiable the entire report Apenet project 2011 (pdf 9,5 MB)