EU: The debate grows ever more heated about improving the assessment of pesticides

April 18, 2014 italiana 18x12

efsa logoOn December 2013, the European Commission organized a seminar between EFSA and Member States to verify the applicability of the new EFSA guidelines (GD) about pesticides risk assessment for bees . The meeting allowed the comparison between risk assessors from the various member countries.

Among other things, a conclusion was reached that the proposal made by EFSA is an excellent model that allows development "in progress". To refine the guidelines, a steering committee was established, thanks to the collaboration between EFSA and national experts.
In addition, the Commission decided to develop a timetable for standardizing guidelines even for the ring-test on honeybees, and to entrust the chronic toxicity evidence on bees to German Stefan Institute Schmitzer; the chronic larvae toxicity to Pierrick Aupinel with OECD procedure; and methodologies for assessing the toxicity to non-bee animals to Van Der Steen and the new team recently created from people of ICPBR .
In two years, we should have standardized methodologies which are much less fraudulent and relatively closer to the real determination of molecules and prepared effects.
In the meantime, it is likely that the methods used are those currently proposed by EFSA.