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France: pesticides petition

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November 17, 2013 italiana 18x12

change.orgA public body (the General Commission for Sustainable Development) found that the 90% of French waterways are polluted by pesticides. The National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) underline the "strong presumption that neurodegenerative diseases or various types of cancer, such as blood cancer, may result from exposure to pesticides. Especially for the famers or inhabitant in rural areas where pesticides are widespread. "

NGO researchers and bipartisan politicians have launched the "Petition of Montpellier " to ask to the executive and to the public authorities to drastically reduce the pesticide use.

The document was signed by, among others, fifty parliamentarians and politicians from regional and local governments , even by Delphine Batho, ex-Minister of Ecology of the current government, and Chantal Jouanno, former minister of the same department under the Sarkozy government. This bipartisan initiative was promoted by medical field authorities, such as Charles Sultan, a specialist in endocrinology.

Petition signed by:

MPs: BAPT Gérard - Delphine Batho - BARDY Serge - BERTHELOT Chantal - BONNEFOY Nicole - BUIS Sabine - Bulteau Sylviane - CARREY-CONTE Fanélie - CHANTEGUET Jean-Paul - COUTELLE Catherine - DELAUNAY Florence - DESSUS Dombre Sophie-Fanny-COAST-Sophie-WANDERING GAILLARD Genevieve-Gueugneau Edith-HUREL Sandrine JOUANNO-Chantal-LABBE Joël Laclais-Bernadette-LE DAIN Anne-Yvonne - Liebgott Michel-Philippe-NOGUES PINVILLE Martine - REYNAUD Marie-Line - Romagnan Barbara - ROUMEGAS Jean-Louis - UNTERMAIER Cécile

Researchers and scientists: DE DE LAPEYRE Luc BELLAIRE - ETINEAU Claire - Goebel François-Régis Benoit Lesaffre - Marano Francelyne - Omont Hubert - Charles Persoz - Ratnadass Alain - Sarah Jean-Louis - Charles Sultan - Verwilghen Aude JComments {on}

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