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Neonicotinoid / Monsanto: a cause of "escape" from France?

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February 9, 2012 spagnola_18x12 italiana_18x12

The newspaper “il Fatto" reveals, with an article by G. Paglino,  that two weeks ago in France, during the raid at Monsato headquarters Trèbes-les-Capucins, same No-GMO activists have found bags of seeds, including the seed treated with Poncho MON810. "Unfortunately" for the giant of agrochemical the poncho is prohibited in France.

There should be required an investigation about this illegal seeds.


This episode should, among others, convinced  Monsanto leaders to give up -  definitively? – with the market of genetically modified seeds in France: "There are no more favorable conditions to remain." 

This is the official explanation.

Translated by Michele Valleri