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GMO: the emperor has no clothes

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December 23, 2011 spagnola_18x12 italiana_18x12

uomo incoronato nudo con simbolo monsanto e mais d'oro

Unaapi makes available the Vandana Shiva report  about the false promises of GMOs.

Use GMO products in agriculture? It is a total failure. They didn’t increase the production or reduce the use of chemical substances. On the contrary they continue to cause injury to the environment and impoverish millions of farmers all around the world.

This is what emerges from the report that, for the first time,  collects and summarizes in a well-ordered way huge quantities of data, analysis, scientific research and field experience, all conducted by associations of scientists and local communities from many countries. The dossier "Global Report on the Status of Citizens of GMOs - False Promises and TechnologyFallaci" is edited by Vandana Shiva.


She is a internationally important scientist and activist who fights for nature conservation and biodiversity. She founded an Indian NGO called Navdanya International to protect the integrity and diversity of native seeds that are endangered by the spread of industrial crops.

The report contains extensive testimonials from farmers and scientists from all around the world, who tell the truth about what is happening in their communities and countries, unmasking the illusion created around GMOs and their potential to revolutionize the agriculture and food sector. The report also includes the Monsanto story, and concludes with a call to citizens to act in the name of food sovereignty.

The full report is available in English.

Given its importance, Unaapi translated the introduction edited by Vandana Shiva (translation by A. Terreni and M. Alacqua), to help raise awareness and knowledge on this issue in Italy.

Vandana Shiva exposes the illusion that GMOs can feed the world and shows how these kinds of crops have instead destroyed biodiversity and farmers livelihoods.
Her international commitment to citizens and farming communities, drivers her to show how the big seed corporations  attack the foundations of freedom to know and choose what to sow and/or eat. The purpose is clear and specific: it’s an invitation to citizens and farmers to recover their food sovereignty.

Translated by Michele Valleri