A new suspension of neonicotinoid treated maize up to June 2012

November 1, 2011 spagnola_18x12 italiana_18x12

The decree of neonicotinoids suspension until June 30 2012 was published on the Official Gazette.

The suspension was signaled by two distinct communications by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture.
Beekeeping and citizens, concerned about the unacceptable environmental impact of neonicotinoid insecticides, pay attention about this new precautionary measures. On the contrary it’s growing up the concern about many and incomprehensible declarations made by the press; there are still many questions ...

The "framework" has not the invoked "complexity", not nearly! There is the tendency to complicate the results of the studies by adopting non-uniform methodologies that lead to a diversity of results. It is possible that this situation is due to the will of not wanting to take discoveries inconvenient for chemical sellers.


The European authorization of the molecules highlighted (first in France for the maize and sunflower, then Germany, Slovenia, Italy etc. ... ) the serious and unacceptable shortcomings of the precautionary authorization procedure.

schiavi_dei_soldiInstead, the authorization for the preparations, based on these molecules, was unquestionably a national matter (for this reason seed tanning for sunflower and corn was never authorized in Italy; they are presently or banned or at least "under special observation as in many European countries famous for maize production: France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia ...) and, for now, Italy has not yet delegated its authority and its national sovereignty.

Repeated public and independent scientific investigation, paid with public money and made ​​only by Italian researchers, indicate not only the opportunities, but also the urgent necessity of taking a final decisions instead of another suspension.
The beekeepers mobilization continues and intensifies to get the answers about questions no longer to be avoided:

1. Does by scientific research emerge some distant chance of avoiding the lethal effects to bees through "mode application on drills used for planting maize treated with neonicotinoids"?

2. Did the Scientific research show a significant toxicity of neonicotinoid molecules immediate and over time?

3. Is "the involvement of regions directly concerned" necessary to find the capacity to make decisions?

4. After three seasons without systemic tanned was it blatantly that there isn’t damage on the hives and the optimal production of corn and in 2010 maybe more than ever? Which other "monitoring and control at local level" is still necessary?

5. When will we be finally able to see that this products are only good for who sells in face of obvious and devastating effects on fields, unexpected accidents due to poor and inadequate prior assessment?

6.Finally, what more is still needed for the Italian Government to know and work to obtain a new independent, appropriate and serious review about the systemic insecticide molecules?

Translated by Michele Valleri