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Penalty for sale of honey with misleading label of origin

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August 3 2011 francese_18x12 spagnola_18x12 italiana_18x12

miele_fioriarancio_perla_delletnaThe honey jar label talks several times about Sicily, but in reality the honey sold inside comes from Spain. In such label of "Pearl of Etna" enterprise its possible to read: "From the delicate and fragrant orange blossom borns the typical honey "Pearl of Etna", with its classic and natural fragrance."

But it's only in vertical, using miniscule characters that you can see the inscription, "Honey Origin: see the capsule", upon which it is shown that the honey comes from Spain; this trick is also used for the company's chestnut, eucalyptus, acacia and thousand-flowers honey. In addition, there are similar ambiguities in the company's website. 

It is for these reasons that the Antitrust Authority has decided to penalize the company Pearl Supply Ltd for unfair business practices. The end of the story is 10,000 € penalty, but the interesting thing is the dynamic that led the Antitrust to prescribe the penalty ... 


Honey had been publicized, the Antitrust Bulletin said today, presenting itself with specific and repeated references to Sicily "likely to mislead consumers about the main features of the product, which, in reality, comes from Spain as reported and indicated in lowercase on the capsule of each box." 

The consumer is misled by the constant references to Sicily. "Indication of the origin of the honey,” said the Antitrust Authority, “is given with inadequate graphical display and a secluded position in evident disproportion to the characters used, so is not suitable to convey to consumers the actual origin of the product, unbalanced with rispect to the numerous and more obvious references to the geographical area of ​​Sicily. " 

Adapted from: Help Consumatori

 Translated by Michele Valleri