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Slovenia: new hives massacre. The Government outlawing pesticides killer for bees

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May 30, 2011 francese_18x12 spagnola_18x12 italiana_18x12


Following the massive depopulation of beehives in the northeastern region of Pomurje, Slovenian Agriculture Minister, Gregor Zidan, has decreed the ban of two neurotoxic pesticides for corn seed treatment: Cruiser,  based on thiamethoxam and Poncho, based on the active substance clothianidin (Official Gazette of RS, No. 31/2011). The government has banned the use of neurotoxic substances, even also for rape treatment, to avoid eventual dangerous synergies with other pesticides.



foto di alveari con api morte fuori

Beekeepers from Pomurje region, with strong rural traditions, once again have ascertained the dramatic effects of the use of corn seed tanning. In more than 2,500 beehives kept by 45 beekeepers where observed dramatic damage during the spring, in conjunction with corn seeding. And, once again, there were found  residues of these killer molecules in dead bees samples.

It was launched a joint crossborder monitoring activity, along with the competent Hungarian authorities. A team with technitians from both countries has collected samples and has analyse them, sharing the results of all analysis concerning hives depopulation on the border area near Kobilje.

Already in 2008, after a similar bee massacre, the Slovenian government had outlawed the tanning of seeds. The previous Agricoltural Minister, Mr Milan Pogacnik, relyed it again based on the assurances given by the multinational chemical corporation on the 'accidental' issue of this toxic substance,

Joze Ilersic, Plant Protection Service Head, said that one third of the corn seed had been treated with insecticide.

Translated by Michele Valleri